Feeling Down Everyday and Getting Better

I had moved to the UK a few years ago. In the move, I started to experience anxiety issues and mild aches and pains. The worst of it was that I was finding it hard to sleep at night. I assumed it was due to the move, but the issues never left. I had no idea that a simple search of CBD Oil UK into the search bar would have helped me so much.

The pains were getting to me, my anxiety was at an all time high, and this was causing me to sleep less and less each day. I came from the US, so I assumed the sleep and anxiety was due to the time differences between the places and that it would eventually get better. It never did. I spent months not sleeping or getting a small fraction of the sleep that I used to get. At my work, the attention to detail was slipping due to lack of sleep. On of my coworkers noticed and asked me if I had ever tried CBD oil. I had never heard of it, but she said that her mom took it for her anxiety and sleep issues and she does a lot better now.

When I got home that night, I looked up CBD Oil UK and started researching. I read how it helped with pains, anxiety issues, and the important one: sleep. I found a place that sold it for a good price and had great reviews and I ordered some thinking that I could at least try it to see if it helps. The day that I received my order was the day that my life changed!

I felt better and that night, I had the best sleep I have had since moving! It was a miracle oil as far as I was concerned! My work got back on track and I felt less nervous going around the town. I thanked my coworker for putting me on to the oil. She had changed my life!


We Are Moving to District 18

My husband makes a very good living. He is successful in all that he does, which means I get to enjoy life. I know that I am blessed, because so many people do need to have two incomes coming in just to make it. I also know that there are women who want to work even if they do not have to. I am not ashamed to say that I am not one of them. I like living a life of luxury, and I am looking forward to moving to Treasure at Tampines when it is fully developed so I can continue to do that.

This is a new development at an existing site, so I am not going to have to wait very long. Continue reading


Finding out the Price of Everything

A popular game that came out a few years ago gave me an idea. The game used augmented reality to put 3D images on top of a visual of the real world for seamless integration. I thought it would be nice to have this, but not just in a game. I wanted to use augmented reality to show the price of any item. I had to find an app developer to help me with this task, but it was one of the greatest things that I ever thought about. I had the dream of people using the app on everything in their field of vision.

People will often asks others where they bought something and how much that particular item costs. With an app like the one I thought up, people would be able to do it just by holding up their phone and letting the app do the rest. I wanted the app to work on anything, from new items that had been released in the same year as the app, to really old items that were made decades ago. Continue reading


I Decided to Try out Acupuncture

I have been hurting for quite some time, but I could not really figure out what to do about it. It started when I was still in my late teens and I decided that I was going to try playing rugby. That is actually a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a bunch, but I am not really eager to play with my lower back hurting like it does. At any rate this guy from work gave me the business card of a TCM clinic that is rather close to where I work. I did some research and it seems as though there is a bit of validity to it. At least it seems like acupuncture actually solves this sort of problem for a lot of people and it is apparently less painful than you would think from looking at those really scary and really long needles. I figure that I will try to avoid looking at the needles. It does not do me any good to look at the needles and think about them.

At any rate I am doing well otherwise. Continue reading


Traveling Around Singapore with the Family

For our family reunion, my family decided to do something a little more exciting than the traditional get together. We usually have a big party at the local park, but those have gotten so old. We came up with the idea of taking a trip to another country and threw out some suggestions. Many places were close to being our final choice, but in the end, we agreed to go to Singapore. We wanted to rent a bus form one of the transportation services in Singapore and ride around in it while seeing everything that Singapore has to offer.

For many of us, this was going to be our first trip out of the country, so we needed to get passports. Continue reading


Finding the Extra Million Dollars Hidden in Your Business How follow-up can net you more money and grow your business.

Finding the Extra Million Dollars Hidden in Your Business
How follow-up can net you more money and grow your business.

Dan S. Kennedy
VIP Contributor
Author, Strategic Advisor, Consultant, and Business Coach
July 3 5 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The following excerpt is from Dan S. Kennedy’s book No B.S. Direct Marketing. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | IndieBound

Could you use an extra million bucks?

I’ll wager the answer is yes. Well, I’m happy to direct you to where that extra million is hidden inside your business. It’s in the follow-up that isn’t happening.

Many times, owners of profitable ad and marketing campaigns are terribly slothful about this. If they spend $1,000 to get 50 calls, then only convert five to appointments and only acquire two as customers — but those customers are worth $1,000 each, they turn $1,000 into $2,000 and are pretty happy about that.

But each call cost $20, and 45 didn’t turn into appointments — that’s $900. Nearly as much waste as profit. But the total reality is far worse than that. If with diligent and thorough follow-up, another five appointments and two customers could be had, that business owner has let $900, plus $2,000, slip through holes in his bucket. If each customer can be made to refer one, and an endless chain of referrals created, the $2,900 in waste goes to $4,900, then $6,900, then $8,900, then $10,900. Let that happen once a month, and that’s $109,000 that should have been in the bucket that leaked out onto the floor. In 10 years, it’s a million dollars. It’s my experience that in just about any small business, over a 10-year term, there is at least $1,000,000 in lost money to be had. If you own a small business and would like to retire as a cash millionaire, here’s your opportunity.

Direct marketing is never just about acquiring customers — what we call “front end.” It is as much or more about retaining, repeat selling to, cross-selling to, and ascending customers on an ongoing basis — what we call “back end.” It is also the means of building a system to prevent leads or prospects, who could be converted to customers, from getting lost and coming and going unnoticed.

Here are some of the holes in business buckets, through which money leaks:

1. The person who calls and asks questions, stays unknown, and gets no follow-up. Remember, you paid for that person. If you don’t capture his contact information so you can do follow-up marketing, you wasted your money.

2. Little or no follow-up on leads obtained at trade or consumer shows. This is particularly abysmal. In my most recent experiment at a big, local home and garden show, I visited nine competing companies’ booths, very clearly presented myself as a viable prospect for their products, made it clear I was not interested in lowest price and made sure they had my complete contact information (except email, which I do not use).

And what follow-up did I get? By mail? Zero. By phone? Zero. Each of those exhibitors paid to get me, then they did nothing with me.

3. No follow-up on referrals. When Betty says, “I told Billy about you. I hope he gives you a call,” the correct response is not: “Thanks, Betty. I hope he does, too.” That’s the common response, but it most certainly is not the correct response. You ask for and get Billy’s address so you can send him a copy of your book or information package, with a note mentioning Betty’s recommendation or a note from Betty, and an offer or offers. If Billy fails to respond, you send him a second letter. And a third, fourth and fifth. With offers. And you put him on your newsletter list and send him your monthly newsletter. With offers. You enroll him in your six-week email “course” tied to your product or service. That’s follow-up.

4. No immediate follow-up to new customers. Newly acquired customers need to become frequent and habitual repeat purchasers or ascend to higher levels of membership or somehow move from first transaction to committed rela­tionship. This means they need to be quickly thanked, welcomed and brought back, moved up or otherwise committed. Think about the last five times you patron­ized a business for the first time — store, restaurant, ser­vice company, professional practice. What formal thank-you did you get? In four or five out of five, none. What “welcome to the family” gift did you get? None.

5. No prevention or organized rescue efforts related to lost cus­tomers. For more than 30 years, surveys have consistent­ly revealed “indifference by provider” as, by far, the #1 reason customers leave a business and drift elsewhere. Not some egregious act of incompetence or negligence or insult, not cheaper prices, not anything major. Just a sense of indifference toward them. That left them open to easy seduction.

The best answer to lost customers is, of course, not having any. That requires very frequent, very consistent, and interesting online and offline communication. On-time rescue efforts work. Every kind of business has a set time by which a customer should be back — for the clothing store, it’s once before each season; for the diner, it might be every morning; for the auto salesman, every three years. Whatever it is for you, alarm bells should go off for every customer not back before his stamped-on expiration date, and that alarm should set in motion a flurry of marketing and follow-up activity.

I’ve just named five holes that exist in many businesses, but there are other holes. You have to find every hole in your business and plug it.


What Is Greenwashing?

What Is Greenwashing?
By Carlyann Edwards,

You’ve probably heard of whitewashing, defined as the glossing over or covering up of scandalous information through a biased presentation of facts. But greenwashing isn’t as well known. It occurs when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be “green” through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business practices that minimize environmental impact. Environmentalist Jay Westerveld coined the term in 1986 in a critical essay inspired by the irony of the “save the towel” movement in hotels.
Origins of greenwashing

The idea of greenwashing emerged in a period when most consumers received their news from television, radio and print media, and didn’t have the luxury of fact-checking in the way we do today. In the mid-1980s, oil company Chevron commissioned a series of expensive television and print ads to broadcast its environmental dedication. But while the infamous The People Do campaign ran, Chevron was violating the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and spilling oil into wildlife refuges.

Chevron was far from the only corporation making outrageous claims. In 1991, chemical company DuPont announced its double-hulled oil tankers with ads featuring marine animals prancing in chorus to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”. It turned out the company was the largest corporate polluter in the U.S. that year.

Greenwashing has changed over the last 20 years, but it’s certainly still around. As the world increasingly embraces the pursuit of greener practices, corporate actors face an influx of litigation surrounding misleading environmental claims.

In February of 2017, Walmart paid $1 million to settle greenwashing claims that alleged the nation’s largest retailer sold plastics that were misleadingly touted as environmentally responsible. California state law bans the sale of plastics labeled as “compostable” or “biodegradable,” as environmental officials have determined such claims are misleading without disclaimers about how quickly the product will biodegrade in landfill.

Even the water industry tries to overrepresent its greenness. How many plastic bottles have you seen with colorful images of rugged mountains, pristine lakes and flourishing wildlife printed on their labels? Arrowhead promotes its Eco-Slim cap and Eco-Shape bottle while claiming, “Mother Nature is our muse.”

“The core theme has stayed the same,” said Philip Beere, founder of sustainability content marketing company g Communications. “The No. 1 violation is embellishing the benefit of the product or service.”

Beere said he believes greenwashing is rarely caused by malicious plots to deceive, but is more frequently the result of overenthusiasm, and it’s easy to see why marketers are enthusiastic. Sixty-six percent of consumers would spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand, according to Nielsen’s Global Corporate Sustainability Report, a figure that jumps to 72 percent among millennials.
Brainwash or Greenwash?

With the belief that consumer demand for sustainability is the frontier of our transition to a greener, fairer and smarter global economy, Futerra’s 2015 Selling Sustainability Report offers 10 basic rules for avoiding greenwashing.

Fluffy language: Words or terms with no clear meaning (e.g., “eco-friendly”)
Green products vs. dirty company: Efficient light bulbs made in a factory that pollutes rivers
Suggestive pictures: Images that indicate an (unjustified) green impression (e.g., flowers blooming from exhaust pipes)
Irrelevant claims: Emphasizing one tiny green attribute when everything else is un-green
Best in class: Declaring you are slightly greener than the rest, even if the rest are pretty terrible
Just not credible: “Eco-friendly” cigarettes, anyone? “Greening” a dangerous product doesn’t make it safe.
Gobbledygook: Jargon and information that only a scientist could check or understand
Imaginary friends: A label that looks like a third-party endorsement … except it’s made up
No proof: It could be right, but where’s the evidence?
Outright lying: Totally fabricated claims or data

There are plenty of wonderful companies telling their environmental stories to the world, and even some who aren’t that should be. The incidence of “pure greenwash,” purposeful untruths or impacts of products, is not that prominent. However, there’s a lot out there that gets close. Beere describes the buzzwords commonly used to greenwash as a “slippery slope” and advises any company ready to go down it to invest in educating their marketers.

“Eco-friendly,” “organic,” “natural” and “green” are just some examples of the widely used labels that can be confusing and misleading to consumers. If you’re ready to slap some grass on your logo, be transparent with customers about your company’s practices and have information readily available to back it up.

One example of transparency is activist outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia. Unlike most companies, Patagonia doesn’t sugarcoat its use of chemicals or the fact that it leaves a footprint. The company’s sustainability mission is described as a “struggle to become a responsible company.”

“We can’t pose Patagonia as the model of a responsible company,” the website reads. “We don’t do everything a responsible company can do, nor does anyone else we know. But we can tell you how we came to realize our environmental and social responsibilities, and then began to act on them.”

Do your best to tell your sustainability story and avoid greenwashing. After all, we all know how costly a trip to the cleaners can be.


I Did Not Want to Pay More Money

I wanted to learn more about the different bundle packages that AT&T had not that long ago. I had been increasingly unhappy with my cable company. They had rearranged their channel packages, and some of the channels that I watch a lot of programming on were taken to the next tier. I would not have minded that if I was getting something in return to make the cost worth it, but I would have ended up paying more money to watch the exact same channels. The other TV channels that they had added were not interesting at all to me, so I felt ripped off. Continue reading


Learning The Payday Advance – Beneficial Details You Should Know

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Online payday loans are if you use dollars from your loan company, and they recuperate their cash. The charges are included,and fascination automatically out of your next paycheck. In simple terms, you spend added to acquire your paycheck earlier. When this may be at times very convenient in many conditions, failing to pay out them back again has critical implications. Continue reading to learn about regardless of whether, or otherwise pay day loans are good for you.

Be extremely careful rolling over any sort of payday loan. Usually, men and women consider that they can spend in the adhering to pay time, however bank loan winds up receiving greater and bigger until they can be left with very little funds to arrive using their income. They are found within a period where by they are not able to pay out it rear.

Make sure you keep updated with any guideline adjustments with regards to your payday advance loan company. Legislation is obviously becoming passed that alterations how loan companies can function so make sure you fully grasp any guideline alterations and how they have an impact on both you and your financial loan prior to signing a legal contract.

When you have to take out a payday loan, be sure you read almost any small print associated with the bank loan. If there are actually penalty charges associated with repaying very early, it depends on anyone to know them at the start. If you have anything at all that you simply do not comprehend, tend not to sign.

Although the fee for getting a payday advance is just not affordable, it only causes sizeable issue when you do not pay for the personal loan rear by the due date. Even with skies-high rates of interest, normal payday loans are due in 1 to 2 months. This may not offer a lot of time for large quantities of curiosity to accrue. If you fail to manage to pay for the bank loan way back in time, nevertheless, the interest gets to be a major, high-priced difficulty.

Many people have no other option but to utilize payday cash loans once they are in need of money easily. These loans can be quite a massive aid when money is essential quickly, so utilizing them might not be terrible. Do your research and discover the most affordable company to have funds from prior to signing any forms.

When wanting to attain a pay day loan as with all obtain, it is wise to take time to shop around. Different locations have ideas that differ on interest levels, and appropriate kinds of guarantee.Look for financing that works well in your best interest.

Most pay day loans can be gotten inside a quick timeframe. Most payday loan office buildings publicize that, you may get a loan within an hour. This will not include the time that it takes you to get your documents. This can be the time period that this typically usually takes the lender to make a choice on your app.

An effective tip for anyone who has brought out a payday advance is to understand any assessments which could inflatable bounce and leave you with not enough cash. You will not only be charged by your lender, but you will also normal in your loan costing you even more income.

Know whenever your cash advance arrives. It is very important that you will not suppose about this particular date, since if you are even a day delayed, you could end up with huge penalty charges. Read through each of the fine print on your own files, and make everything you are able to to spend your loan again within the proper period of time.

Online payday loans can be a expensive way of getting funds that you need. You should think about requesting an progress through your career chances are it will likely be a lot less expensive, and it may be much easier than you believe. Just check with your human resources workplace to find the details, you will end up really happy you probably did.

You might want to look into the company and the terms of the loan upfront, you should do this prior to invest in a cash advance. Make certain there is a respectable status which the circumstances are crystal clear. Often whenever we are going through a monetary turmoil, we track out everything we don’t would like to hear and then get yourself in boiling water above it.

For those who have a pay day loan taken out, get anything from the experience to grumble about and then bring in and begin a rant. Customer support operators will always be enabled an automatic discount, charge waiver or perk handy out, for instance a cost-free or reduced extension. Get it done when to obtain a far better package, but don’t do it a second time or maybe risk getting rid of bridges.

Because you are well informed, you need to have a better understanding of regardless of whether, or otherwise you are going to get yourself a cash advance. Use everything you figured out right now. Make the decision that will benefit you the finest. With a little luck, you are aware of what incorporates getting a payday loan. Make techniques dependant on your preferences.


The Best Advice on Animals ive Found

You’ve found an animal that is wandering the the streets. What should you do?

So you’ve found a stray animal in your neighborhood or roaming the streets. What do you do now?
Much Love Animal Rescue receives dozens of calls and e-mails a day from people who are hoping we can take in a stray animal or unwanted pet. But sadly, because we do not have a permanent facility and our funds are earmarked for animals already in our care, we cannot take in animals from the public. But we can help by giving you advice on the most effective ways for you to help find the animal a home.

the first step: determine if the animal has an owner

According to the City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services, it is estimated that 26,000 to 44,0000 stray dogs roam the streets of Los Angeles at any time.

First, check the animal for tags and if it has them, contact the owner immediately. If there are no tags, legally you must take the animal to the shelter nearest the location where the animal was found. (Call 888-452-7381 to find the shelter nearest you or go to http://www.laanimalservices.com/).
Animal shelters are the first place and owner will look for a missing dog or cat and legally you must take the animal to a shelter for the minimum holding period of five days, or you must try to find the owner on your own with ads, flyers, etc. Many people don’t want to take the animal to the shelter in fear the dog will be automatically euthanized. While it is a fact that Los Angeles has a high euthanization rate, this is the place where many pets and their owners are reunited. Even if the animal does not have tags, it may have escaped from a yard and if it is microchipped, it’s owner could be determined when the shelter scans the animal for the chip.
If you want to keep tabs on the animal, get the impound number from the shelter and track it through the shelter system to determine when the animal will be available for adoption which should be five working days from the day you turn it in if the owner doesn’t show up. You can also place “First Rights” on the animal so that you can adopt it when it does come up for adoption if you show up between 8:00 am to 9:00 am on the first day it is available for adoption. Remember to check out the shelters where logs are kept of owners looking lost dog or cats and see if any of the descriptions matches your animal’s.
If you decide against taking the animal to the shelter, many veterinarian’s offices can also scan the animal for a microchip. If no microchip is found, you must place ads in local newspapers and place “Found” flyers in the are where the animal was roaming. When placing an ad be vague in your description, note the area the animal was found in and your telephone number. This is to ensure that the people calling are truly the animal’s owner. Make sure they can give a description of the animal and ask for the animal’s name to see how it reacts when called. If so far so good, ask to see proof of ownership in veterinary records, dog licenses or a photo of the animal. Most newspapers will place “Found” ads free of charge.

step two: finding the animal a new home

If you have gone through the steps above, and no owner has been found, you can adopt it yourself, try finding it a home yourself or you can take the animal to a local shelter.
If you decide to try and find a home for the pet, you will need to assess whether the animal is a good candidate for adoption by determing it’s traits.
Is it a friendly animal or aggressive toward people or other animals?
Will the animal need extensive training by a professional or will it make a good pet for a first time owner?
You will also need to determine if the animal is in need of medical attention and if it has been spayed or neutered.
You will find the most success when the animal’s face is seen in many places. You can place ads in newspapers, on local websites such as craigslist.com and place flyers in animal-friendly places of interest. When making up flyers, we recommend coming up with a story that describes the way and location the animal was found, it’s temperament, health condition, a great photo and your contact information. Suggested places to post the flyers include dog parks, pet supply stores, vet offices, local businesses like juice bars and coffee shops, and perhaps at your workplace.
If you contact us, Much Love will place a photo and description of your animal as a courtesy on AdoptAPet.com and Petfinder.com. We also recommend contacting many other animal rescue groups. They might post you to their sites as well and allow your animal to be courtesy showings at their adoption sites.
We are pleased to help others who are doing their best to help these loving creatures. We are happy to place an animal in need of a home on www.Petfinder.com and www.AdoptAPet.com – the nation’s largest resources for pet adoptions. Animals can only be placed on these sites by animal rescue organizations, but we can have the interested party contact you directly. Below are guidelines and suggestions for you to help find your animal a safe and happy home and a successful adoption.

We have a few requirements in order to add them:

  • E-mail a short bio on the dog or cat. Please include age, sex, breed as well as any endearing information that you may have. Also include up to three photos in jpg format.
  • In order to add them to the websites, we require that the animals are neutered/spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped before they are listed and go to their new home.
  • Many ask about the purpose of microchipping. A microchip is a chip the size of a piece of rice that is inserted under the muscle tissue in between the shoulder blades. This device contains the owners name and phone number. If the dog or cat should happen to get lost, vets offices and all shelters and pounds have a scanner that they use to read the information and notify the owner. By law, stray dogs and cats who do not have a microchip can be euthanized after 5 days.  This is a wonderfully inexpensive (@$30) safety device that every animal should have.
As a courtesy, here are some guidelines that we at Much Love use when adopting out our animals that you may find helpful.  We recommend:
  • That you do a homecheck to assure that the dog or cat is going to an animal friendly home.
  • Our cats are adopted out to indoor only homes. The life expectancy for a cat is significantly longer if it is indoors and free from the threat of cars, coyotes, Feline Leukemia and the equivalent of the feline AIDS virus.
  • Charge a nominal adoption fee – $50 or more. This assures that the person has extra funds so that if the dog or cat gets sick or needs veterinary care, they can provide it.

step three: determining if a home is suitable

Now you’ve found someone who wants your pet, how do you decide if they are right for the animal?  Check out our dog and cat applications to get ideas on what are good questions to ask.
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