I Did Not Want to Pay More Money

I wanted to learn more about the different bundle packages that AT&T had not that long ago. I had been increasingly unhappy with my cable company. They had rearranged their channel packages, and some of the channels that I watch a lot of programming on were taken to the next tier. I would not have minded that if I was getting something in return to make the cost worth it, but I would have ended up paying more money to watch the exact same channels. The other TV channels that they had added were not interesting at all to me, so I felt ripped off.

If the price had only gone up a few bucks, I would not have been feeling that way so much. It had gone up by nearly 20 dollars though, so I was ready to learn more about my other options. I had heard good things about the bundle packages that AT&T promotes ever since merging with Directv, so that is where I looked first. It is also the only place I looked because their deals were just too good to pass up. The nice thing is that there were so many different ways I could do a bundle deal, but the price for each one was very affordable.

I decided to look at the package in the middle since it has the channels that I like the most, and I found out that I would not have to go any higher because all my channels were in it. If I went to a lower package, then I would end up losing a few channels that I wanted to keep. It was okay being in the middle package though because the price was still a lot lower than what my local cable company had started to charge me!