I Decided to Try out Acupuncture

I have been hurting for quite some time, but I could not really figure out what to do about it. It started when I was still in my late teens and I decided that I was going to try playing rugby. That is actually a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a bunch, but I am not really eager to play with my lower back hurting like it does. At any rate this guy from work gave me the business card of a TCM clinic that is rather close to where I work. I did some research and it seems as though there is a bit of validity to it. At least it seems like acupuncture actually solves this sort of problem for a lot of people and it is apparently less painful than you would think from looking at those really scary and really long needles. I figure that I will try to avoid looking at the needles. It does not do me any good to look at the needles and think about them.

At any rate I am doing well otherwise. I do not like to benefit from the misfortune of others, but in this case it is actually something different. The guy who used to be my supervisor became obsessed with this girl who works in accounting. To be honest I can see the attraction and I have sort of let her in on the fact that I have broken up with my girlfriend, just in case she was interested in the position. Of course she is dating a rich guy and it does not seem like your chances are good without money. At any rate I ended up with his job because he just went way out of line trying to pursue this girl and she recorded him.