We Are Moving to District 18

My husband makes a very good living. He is successful in all that he does, which means I get to enjoy life. I know that I am blessed, because so many people do need to have two incomes coming in just to make it. I also know that there are women who want to work even if they do not have to. I am not ashamed to say that I am not one of them. I like living a life of luxury, and I am looking forward to moving to Treasure at Tampines when it is fully developed so I can continue to do that.

This is a new development at an existing site, so I am not going to have to wait very long. The first time I heard that it was purchased and was going to be redeveloped, I knew that I wanted to move there. I will be closer to some of my family, but I am also going to be closer to the places where I like to shop and spend my time. My husband does not care where we live because he is at work more than he is at home sometimes.

He just wants me to be happy, and I know that I am going to be happy at Treasure at Tampines. I go to District 18 a lot because it is where my husband works, and we will meet for lunch or dinner. I also meet my family to go shopping, or to have a nice meal out with them too. To be able to live in the area will just make life so much easier on all of us, including my husband since he will be closer to work. I cannot wait until the condos are ready, and I already have us on the list for one of the luxury condos.